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More about "charters" and what they mean to you
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Author:  Dave [ Sun Dec 04, 2011 2:02 am ]
Post subject:  More about "charters" and what they mean to you

In the re-doing of the site, I changed the meaning of the term "charter." It no longer refers asking someone for a ride. The way charters work now is just a way for FBOs to fly non-scheduled (i.e. not repeating on a regular basis) and make money at it. I didn't like the way the other well-known economic simulations for FS would generate random "jobs," because most of them didn't make any sense at all. So instead, all of the "jobs" on FS Airpark are hand-written. Anybody can write a job. FBO managers can bid on the jobs, and after the bidding period is over, the lowest bidder gets the gig and has two weeks to fly it. If nobody bids on the job, it expires after 60 days. If an FBO wins the job and fails to fly it in two weeks, they lose however much money they would have made on it, and it goes back up for bidding. In order to encourage people to write charters, the author of the charter gets a deposit to their personal account when the charter is completed.

If you want to check out the charters in the system, click "FBOs" toward the bottom of the left-hand menu bar. You'll see a list of FBOs. Click the name of an FBO you maange. Since you're the manager of the FBO, you'll see a link called "click here to enter manager's office." Then, you'll see a link to "view/bid on available charters."

From that "manager's office" page you can do a few interesting things to manage your FBO, like change fuel prices, hire or fire pilots, assign pilots and planes to any charters you've been awarded, and so on. Get familiar with that page, because it's really the core of economic activity on the new system.

If you want to get a ride somewhere, contact someone and ask them. If you can't find a friend to do it, contact an FBO and work out a price. Remember, you can give money to anyone for any reason in any amount, as long as you're at the same location. Just don't pay someone for a charter unless they're an FBO!

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